Thursday, 9 July 2009

Housing... No, tiredness

I was going to do a post about the nightmare that is our housing situation (well nightmare might be a bit dramatic & strong, 'stress' is probably a better word) but I don't think I've got the energy so I'll save it for another day.

After you have a baby EVERYONE asks you if you're tired!! I never really know how to answer. I guess I am but isn't that normal? I'm certainly not as tired as I was when I was pregnant. Having a toddler & a baby is definitely easier than being pregnant with a toddler. Especially when you only do 'high risk' pregnancies & have to get two buses each way to the hospital twice a week on top of 'normal' day to day life.  I have to say the most tired I have ever felt is during the 1st trimester of both pregnancies.

Anyway, this week I AM TIRED!!!! I just want to lie down & sleep most of the time. I even had a 2 hour nap on Sunday which was a real treat. I haven't napped since Grace was born & I love naps!! I used to often nap while Rebekah was napping but now Grace is here I seem to breastfeed most days during nap time. I need to try to co-ordinate the girls sleeps if I can but I'm not very good at implementing new routine & can't remember how to get a baby into one! I think we just gradually got Rebekah into one.

We're all tired in our house at the moment (well maybe apart from Grace). As I type this, Rebekah is lay in my lap rubbing her eyes, Tom is already at work & Grace is upstairs still asleep (lucky girl).  We've only been up a little over an hour but Rebekah missed her nap yesterday as we had her cousins & my sister-in-law visiting. It was lots of fun but after they left Rebekah was pooped & it was too late for a nap. Unfortunately she woke up earl this morning so I think I'll have a wingey toddler later!

Tom & I seem to go to bed SO late. It's often midnight which is crazy when you have 2 young children & you're up at 6am every day. It's mostly because we just get chatting & lose track of the time. I'm usually up twice in the night to feed Grace (which actually isn't so bad) so it's not really surprising I guess. I must admit though, I wish Rebekah slept later. I don't mind feeding Grace in the night, I don't fully wake up anyway (the beauty of breastfeeding). It's getting up in the morning I don't like. Mmmmmm... a lie in.

Anyway I better go. Grace has got up now, been fed, is back asleep & Rebekah is waiting by the buggy to go to our toddler group. Then home & hopefully a nap for all of us!! 

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