Friday, 19 December 2008

Scan update

Sorry I didn't update last night as promised. I was just too tired.

The scan was GREAT!!!!  The sonographer was great & explained everything in detail as she went. The baby appears to have everything it should have & nothing that it shouldn't.  It was sooooo active. Wriggling & moving constantly. He/she even looked right at me! Although, if I'm honest I prefer seeing the profile on scan. Front on facial views always look a bit alien like to me. I maybe bias but I think this baby was the cutest & most beautiful baby on scan (I'll post the pictures soon). If it's anything like it's sister it'll be an absolutely beautiful baby when it's born too!!!  Once I could see everything was ok I was able to relax & just enjoy seeing my baby.  The exciting thing is I get to do it all again in a few weeks when we start the growth scans!! With my history I'm at an increased risk of baby not growing properly but to be honest I'm not worried about that. Rebekah grew really well & in the end they stopped doing the scans because she was doing so well.  

As I said yesterday, we decided not to find out the sex of the baby but that didn't stop me trying to have a sneaky look. I didn't see anything, but I don't think I'd be able to tell anyway.  Well it's not too much longer 'til we'll meet him/her anyway. I'm at least halfway now.

Well I better go & make some breakfast for Rebekah & myself. I'll write again soon.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Scan today...

Well today's the day. I've got my anomaly scan this afternoon. I'm feeling very emotional about it. I'm a mixture of excitement, nervousness & sheer terror!!!

How many of you get nervous before an ultrasound?

I don't know whether it's par for the course having worked in an Early Pregnancy Unit & being a midwife. After doing these jobs I know far too much about what can go wrong. I was the same with Rebekah. I felt sick before every scan & having high blood pressure, I had a lot of scans!!

In some ways I feel like this is the most important scan of the pregnancy. This is where they either tell you the good news that everything is growing as it should & the baby is fine or this is where they tell you the words every parent dreads... There's something wrong. I know it's far more likely everything will be fine but there's always that niggling doubt. I suppose it's part of  being a parent, to worry about your children, born or unborn.

This is also the  scan where they can tell you if it's a girl or a boy. Am I going to find out?


I keep teasing Tom though. He can't get the time off work so I'll be going on my own and I keep teasing him that I could find out & nobody would ever know I know... Mwahahaha.  I'm only joking though. I like the surprise when the baby's born.

I'll update this evening when I get home from work. Hope you have a good day!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Wordless Wednesday...


Dressing up as a shepherd

Decorating the tree


Monday, 15 December 2008

Not me monday!!!!!

It's that time again!! Weekly confession time. After you've read mine, click on the button above & head over to MckMama's blog to join the carnival.

This week I have NOT been totally excited about my scan on Thursday. I am NOT at all excited about seeing my baby on the screen and watching he or she bouncing around. I have also NOT been at all nervous & I am NOT at all worried in case anything is wrong with my precious child. I have NOT had to keep reminding myself about Stellan, MckMama's miricle & just trusting God.

After we decorated our Christmas tree this week I did NOT go around re-arranging the decorations after my beautiful girl was in bed so she didn't realise. While we were decorating Tom did NOT warn Rebekah that "Mummy gets a bit fussy about the tree, don't worry". My family do NOT think I'm anal when it comes to the Christmas tree.

I have NOT just realised that Rebekah is gaining an understanding of consequences. I have not realised that this means she understands bribery. Now I have this understanding I have definitely NOT used it to my advantage. I mean, it's not really bribery. Just rewarding good behaviour right?? I did NOT learn at lunch time today that Rebekah WILL actually eat everything on her plate for a measly bite of Mummy's chocolate. I do NOT think my daughter takes after me & will do anything for chocolate. I would NOT do all this because it would surely make me a terrible mother.

Hope you're all having a great Monday. Now go & check out what everyone else has NOT done this week!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Random thoughts

Well it's been a crazy week this week!

We've all had the winter cold/cough/sore throat in the last week or so with me being the last to get it but we're all better now. Rebekah's teething so we've got that fun!! Her fingers are always in her mouth, she's dribbling constantly & her cheeks are red. I feel so sorry for her. She generally does quite well when she's teething & apart from the tell tale nappies (any of you parents will know only too well) we just used to find  teeth already through. This time however, she seems to be struggling more. Poor thing.

Our tree is up!! I love decorating for christmas. Our house is very small but it always makes it seem quite cosy when it's all christmassy. This year it's a Johnson Christmas (my family). My Mum, Sister & her husband are coming to us as unfortunately I have to work Christmas day. It's all part of doing an unsocial job I guess but I've got the worst shift so I'll be sad when I have to leave at lunch time. We're gonna celebrate properly on Boxing day, but it'll be nice to get to see my family on Christmas day. Because we live so far away 7 usually work on Christmas day we haven't been all together on Christmas day in years, so it'll be really special.

I'm getting a blog makeover. It's a little birthday present to myself & I can't wait til it's done. We're just in the planning stages at the moment but, Danielle has been brilliant so far & I can't wait to see the finished product! Watch this space...

Well I need to eat my dinner then clean up so I'll say goodbye.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

I'm an Auntie... again

We're all very excited in our house tonight. Tom's sister Esther, (who I've mentioned in a previous post) had a baby boy today!!!! He's a week overdue & I understand it was another long labour but Joshua Daniel finally made his appearance at lunchtime weighing a decent 9lb 1oz!!
It's the first baby boy in the family so very special. Esther already has a daughter, Hannah.

I'm looking forward to meeting him soon. Rebekah & Tom both have colds so we'll have to wait a bit.

On that note... I'm on a double shift tomorrow & both Rebekah & Tom are under the weather. Rebekah's teething & has a cold & Tom has a cold & cough. They're both very similar in that if they do get ill they spike extremely high temperatures so I hope neither of them get any worse & are ok tomorrow without me at home. 

I'm sure they'll be fine!!


Thursday, 4 December 2008

Cloth addict!!!

My name's Eleanor & I'm a clothaholic!

That's right. I've not blogged the last few days because all my internet time has been spent on cloth nappy forums or websites. When I converted in the summer (thanks to MckMama) I never realised what a minefield it is!! There are so many different types & they're nothing like I imagined. I wore terrie's as a child with plastic pants & although they are still an option it seems few people use them. The choice is ridiculous!! I've mostly got pocket nappies & they're pretty close to disposables in ease of use. Definitely a lot prettier though!!

Thankfully I've been pretty sensible though & thought about longevity so poor Rebekah has to have pretty neutral nappies so they can be used if 'the bump' is a boy. You could spend a fortune if you wanted to or had the money. I'm still pretty new to the world of cloth but I'm loving it & I'm sure Rebekah's bum would thank me if it could!

I've got a few nappies on order & I can't wait to get them. I'll take photos when they arrive and share. I'm most excited about the 'finding Nemo' one for Rebekah's stocking. She's Nemo mad at the mo so I think she'll love it! 

I'd love to get her a Tinkerbell one (her only girly nappy) if I could find one. She's crazy about 'frays' (fairies to you & me). When she first saw adverts on tv for the recent Disney film she just used to giggle & laugh.  Then when we went on the Disney website she got very excited when she saw all the fairies. Now, every day, whenever she sees the computer she shouts "frays, frays, frays. Binkerbok, binkerbok (Tinkerbell, tinkerbell)". She'd sit & watch the preview & the first 6mins of the film online as often as she could. Needless to say, I bet you can guess what she's getting for Christmas!

Anyway, enough about nappies. Just thought I'd explain where I'd been!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Not me monday!!!!!

It's that time again... I missed it last week because I was working a 14 hour shift. I certainly did NOT forget everything that had happened so that even if I hadn't been working I'm not sure I'd have been able to participate anyway ;)

I did NOT have to try not to smile at my little Pentecostal daughter yesterday at the church day-away. After studying everyone during worship over the last few months her hands did NOT shoot straight up in the air when the worship started! It was NOT  at all cute & I would never get any amusement from my daughter praising the Lord. I also did NOT feel a little bit proud. That would be wrong.

This week I certainly have NOT  been over emotional about EVERYTHING!!!! I have NOT over reacted with my daughter & husband & they have NOT thought that pregzilla moved in to the house to replace their mummy/babe. Rebekah & I have NOT lost track of the number of times we sat & cried together because my hormones have been all over the place.

I was NOT secretly pleased when I got home from work on Thursday night to find Tom had forgotten to put a wrap over Rebekah's cloth nappy. I was NOT secretly pleased because it meant I had to go and wake her to put one on so I got to snuggle & pray with my precious girl. I did NOT think it was actually quite funny anyway. I have NOT been totally proud of my husband who has totally supported my decision to use cloth nappies even though I'm not sure he's totally convinced.

I was NOT totally mortified when Rebekah ripped my pyjama top open shouting 'best best' as the rude, arrogant water man was leaving our house this week. I did NOT struggle to try to retain my modesty while Rebekah carried on shouting & pulling at my clothes, get the laughing man swiftly out of my house & end up just holding my girl tightly against my chest because that was NOT the only way to stop half the street seeing more of me than they should!!!! I do NOT think my daughter is missing breastfeeding at all at the moment!!!

I have NOT just put on a Veggietales DVD so I could write this post quickly before I  make breakfast. No NOT me!!!

Hope you've enjoyed these this week. Now you can click the link at the top of the post & head over to MckMamas blog & read what other people have written.  Happy Monday!