Monday, 1 December 2008

Not me monday!!!!!

It's that time again... I missed it last week because I was working a 14 hour shift. I certainly did NOT forget everything that had happened so that even if I hadn't been working I'm not sure I'd have been able to participate anyway ;)

I did NOT have to try not to smile at my little Pentecostal daughter yesterday at the church day-away. After studying everyone during worship over the last few months her hands did NOT shoot straight up in the air when the worship started! It was NOT  at all cute & I would never get any amusement from my daughter praising the Lord. I also did NOT feel a little bit proud. That would be wrong.

This week I certainly have NOT  been over emotional about EVERYTHING!!!! I have NOT over reacted with my daughter & husband & they have NOT thought that pregzilla moved in to the house to replace their mummy/babe. Rebekah & I have NOT lost track of the number of times we sat & cried together because my hormones have been all over the place.

I was NOT secretly pleased when I got home from work on Thursday night to find Tom had forgotten to put a wrap over Rebekah's cloth nappy. I was NOT secretly pleased because it meant I had to go and wake her to put one on so I got to snuggle & pray with my precious girl. I did NOT think it was actually quite funny anyway. I have NOT been totally proud of my husband who has totally supported my decision to use cloth nappies even though I'm not sure he's totally convinced.

I was NOT totally mortified when Rebekah ripped my pyjama top open shouting 'best best' as the rude, arrogant water man was leaving our house this week. I did NOT struggle to try to retain my modesty while Rebekah carried on shouting & pulling at my clothes, get the laughing man swiftly out of my house & end up just holding my girl tightly against my chest because that was NOT the only way to stop half the street seeing more of me than they should!!!! I do NOT think my daughter is missing breastfeeding at all at the moment!!!

I have NOT just put on a Veggietales DVD so I could write this post quickly before I  make breakfast. No NOT me!!!

Hope you've enjoyed these this week. Now you can click the link at the top of the post & head over to MckMamas blog & read what other people have written.  Happy Monday! 

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Kimber said...

Poor water man, teeheehee that's NOT funny at all. Great NMM's. Happy Holidays!