Sunday, 14 December 2008

Random thoughts

Well it's been a crazy week this week!

We've all had the winter cold/cough/sore throat in the last week or so with me being the last to get it but we're all better now. Rebekah's teething so we've got that fun!! Her fingers are always in her mouth, she's dribbling constantly & her cheeks are red. I feel so sorry for her. She generally does quite well when she's teething & apart from the tell tale nappies (any of you parents will know only too well) we just used to find  teeth already through. This time however, she seems to be struggling more. Poor thing.

Our tree is up!! I love decorating for christmas. Our house is very small but it always makes it seem quite cosy when it's all christmassy. This year it's a Johnson Christmas (my family). My Mum, Sister & her husband are coming to us as unfortunately I have to work Christmas day. It's all part of doing an unsocial job I guess but I've got the worst shift so I'll be sad when I have to leave at lunch time. We're gonna celebrate properly on Boxing day, but it'll be nice to get to see my family on Christmas day. Because we live so far away 7 usually work on Christmas day we haven't been all together on Christmas day in years, so it'll be really special.

I'm getting a blog makeover. It's a little birthday present to myself & I can't wait til it's done. We're just in the planning stages at the moment but, Danielle has been brilliant so far & I can't wait to see the finished product! Watch this space...

Well I need to eat my dinner then clean up so I'll say goodbye.

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