Thursday, 4 December 2008

Cloth addict!!!

My name's Eleanor & I'm a clothaholic!

That's right. I've not blogged the last few days because all my internet time has been spent on cloth nappy forums or websites. When I converted in the summer (thanks to MckMama) I never realised what a minefield it is!! There are so many different types & they're nothing like I imagined. I wore terrie's as a child with plastic pants & although they are still an option it seems few people use them. The choice is ridiculous!! I've mostly got pocket nappies & they're pretty close to disposables in ease of use. Definitely a lot prettier though!!

Thankfully I've been pretty sensible though & thought about longevity so poor Rebekah has to have pretty neutral nappies so they can be used if 'the bump' is a boy. You could spend a fortune if you wanted to or had the money. I'm still pretty new to the world of cloth but I'm loving it & I'm sure Rebekah's bum would thank me if it could!

I've got a few nappies on order & I can't wait to get them. I'll take photos when they arrive and share. I'm most excited about the 'finding Nemo' one for Rebekah's stocking. She's Nemo mad at the mo so I think she'll love it! 

I'd love to get her a Tinkerbell one (her only girly nappy) if I could find one. She's crazy about 'frays' (fairies to you & me). When she first saw adverts on tv for the recent Disney film she just used to giggle & laugh.  Then when we went on the Disney website she got very excited when she saw all the fairies. Now, every day, whenever she sees the computer she shouts "frays, frays, frays. Binkerbok, binkerbok (Tinkerbell, tinkerbell)". She'd sit & watch the preview & the first 6mins of the film online as often as she could. Needless to say, I bet you can guess what she's getting for Christmas!

Anyway, enough about nappies. Just thought I'd explain where I'd been!

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