Monday, 15 December 2008

Not me monday!!!!!

It's that time again!! Weekly confession time. After you've read mine, click on the button above & head over to MckMama's blog to join the carnival.

This week I have NOT been totally excited about my scan on Thursday. I am NOT at all excited about seeing my baby on the screen and watching he or she bouncing around. I have also NOT been at all nervous & I am NOT at all worried in case anything is wrong with my precious child. I have NOT had to keep reminding myself about Stellan, MckMama's miricle & just trusting God.

After we decorated our Christmas tree this week I did NOT go around re-arranging the decorations after my beautiful girl was in bed so she didn't realise. While we were decorating Tom did NOT warn Rebekah that "Mummy gets a bit fussy about the tree, don't worry". My family do NOT think I'm anal when it comes to the Christmas tree.

I have NOT just realised that Rebekah is gaining an understanding of consequences. I have not realised that this means she understands bribery. Now I have this understanding I have definitely NOT used it to my advantage. I mean, it's not really bribery. Just rewarding good behaviour right?? I did NOT learn at lunch time today that Rebekah WILL actually eat everything on her plate for a measly bite of Mummy's chocolate. I do NOT think my daughter takes after me & will do anything for chocolate. I would NOT do all this because it would surely make me a terrible mother.

Hope you're all having a great Monday. Now go & check out what everyone else has NOT done this week!

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