Sunday, 11 January 2009

Hormonal & emotional.. again!!

I started writing out Rebekah's birth story yesterday but she wasn't letting have much computer time so I'll finish it another day. I would do it today but as the title suggests I'm way too emotional & hormonal.

I don't know why I feel like this today. I guess as girls we all get like this from time to time & being pregnant doesn't help. For those of you who haven't got kids, it's like PMT, for 9months. Mostly you're fine but then the smallest thing can set you off crying, yelling or just plain irritated!

Today it's tears for me. No particular reason. I started crying during the worship at church this morning (by the way, church is a GREAT place to cry!!) & just couldn't stop!!! I was feeling pretty crappy after taking my Nifedipine (tired, weak, light-headed & out of breath), Tom was playing drums so I had to hold Rebekah who was not in a good mood this morning & kept yelling & screaming, so the tears just started to fall.  I got thinking about the fact I'm still on the medication. I didn't take it the last 2 days (before you say anything, big chief said I could skip it here & there instead of stopping it)I got mad all over again & just couldn't stop crying. I was sooooo frustrated!!!! I could get on another rant but I don't want to bore you. 

Anyway, I'd managed to pull myself together by the end of church but then when I got home I was catching up on my favourite blogs & one of them set me off all over again!!!! Angie (from, bring the rain) has posted a beautiful video of her daughter Audrey (who passed away) & it just broke my heart. Maybe I should've waited til another day to watch it huh?

Anyway, I'm feeling better now & I think I'm going to take advantage of the rest of 'nap time', go upstairs, snuggle in bed, watch Dawson's Creek & eat some yummy chocolates that my friend Shona bought me. Oh... Maybe not. Rebekah's shouting "Daddy! Daddy!" from upstairs! Never mind ;)


Shona said...

As I'm not going to see you tomorrow I shall send virtual hugs.....

Hope you're feeling slightly less emotional this evening and had chance to eat some chocolate!

Jess said...

Pregnancy hormones combined with viewing little Audrey's video sounds like a recipe for disaster!! I know I was a complete wreck after seeing it (I guess postpartum hormones don't help much either!). Glad you're feeling better though!!

I left a response to your diaper q's back at my post. Hooray for cloth nappies :)

four4now said...

Glad I'm not the only one that went into the UGLY CRY while watching Angie's video. Truly amazing.

.....found your blog through Danielle....she is making a couple changes to my blog....