Monday, 12 January 2009

Not me monday!!!!!


It's that time again. Weekly confession time. If you're new to all this then just read this post, check out the things I did not do this week then click on the button above & head over to MckMamas blog to join the carnival & check out what other people did not do too!

This week, when I was at the Science Museum with Rebekah I certainly did not get too busy chatting to my friend to realise that our daughters were each slowly emptying the contents of a salt shaker into the middle of the floor in the restaurant. I also did not, actually, find it quite funny when I saw their excitement as the salt ran out even though the waitress was clearly VERY unimpressed.

On the same outing, in the same restaurant I definitely did not ask the manager to search through the bins for the dirty cloth nappy (in a nappy sack I might add) that Rebekah had left somewhere. I'm pretty sure he thought I was crazy but what's a girl to do? That particular nappy does not come cheap!! I did not do this because that would mean I took my eyes off my daughter AGAIN & that I let her play with nappy sacks containing dirty nappies. That would be gross so I never let her do that no matter how much she loves bags ;)

We've had a tough week this week. Rebekah has been struggling with teething this week & has been off her food so Tom & I did not try to bribe her to eat breakfast at the weekend by offering her 'daddy's cheerios' (actually 'Wheetos' -chocolate flavoured cereal hoops). Chocolate flavoured cereal is not healthy for a toddler so we wouldn't dream of starting her day with unhealthy food.

I love being pregnant & as this pregnancy progresses I am not developing a bad case of 'baby brain'!! I did not get a phone call from work last Saturday wondering where I was because I thought I was working Sunday instead!!! I had not got my days all mixed up & I did not totally blame it on hormones instead of my own disorganisation!!!

That's it for this week! Let me know what you did not do this week... It's surprisingly liberating!

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