Thursday, 8 January 2009

Snow & Science Museum

Yesterday we had a lovely day! In spite of tiredness! We woke up to lots of snow! Well, by English standards anyway. I can't remember when this much snow settled. Usually it falls, becomes slushy & ends up just looking dirty.  I spent a year in Canada '97-98 & I'll never forget the 1st snowfall that year... It started snowing in the evening, We'd just had a big family meal for Stevens birthday & we were watching a movie, when the movie was finished I went & looked out the front door. I had never seen so much snow in my life!!!! EVERYTHING was white. I started screaming for my friend Jay to come and look. At that point Eliz (one of the ladies I lived with & Jays Aunt) came flying downstairs asking "what's happened?!?!?!" "It's snowing!!" I yelled, "look how much there is!!" She looked at me & said "Eleanor, there will be snow til April (it was October), it's 2am, go to bed!!"

It still makes me laugh when I remember that night. Anyway, back to yesterday. When we left the house, we were greeted by lots of beautiful snow so I took some pictures.  We were on our way to meet some friends at the Science Museum. Once a month they do something called experitots for under-5s. It was lots of fun & I've posted a couple of pictures to show you. 

The view up our street

Rebekah outside our house

On our way to the bus stop. 
This is actually the church where Tom & I got married. 
I walked to the church on our wedding day... Followed by my car!!

Making a cup of tea at the Museum

Fun at the Museum

Hope you like these pictures! We had fun! Oh, by the way... The snow is all gone this morning!!! I've got a hospital appointment this afternoon... I'm praying I'll be off my medication this evening. Watch this space...

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