Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Today was my first day, officially, medication free!!!!!! I'm not counting the days when I forgot to take it... Oops. 

I'm sure you're all wondering "who, what, where, when, how?" Last you all heard, the 'big chief' dr said no way!! Well, after my super emotional day on Sunday I was on a long day at work yesterday (14hr, double shift). The other Dr (also a consultant), who I tend to see more often, came on the ward. When she asked me how I was & what my BP was doing, my eyes filled up (again) & I explained what happened on Thursday. Because my BP is too low at the moment she stopped my medication there & then (exactly like last time when I was pregnant with Rebekah).

I was so thankful!! I'd been praying about it that morning, telling God exactly how mad, upset & disappointed I was & within hours He'd answered my prayer/rant. He is soooo good!!! Yet again, He has answered prayer & brought my BP down when it should be going up! 

I'm gonna have to to go, I'm shattered & I won't be able to write soon. Just wanted to share the good news!

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