Monday, 3 November 2008

Monday morning excitement!

Good morning! I hope your Monday morning  is a good one. I was hoping to do my first "Not me Monday" today. This is something that MckMama has been doing over on her blog and is LOTS of fun!!! As she only gave birth to her Mckmiracle baby boy Stellan last Wednesday she has a pretty good excuse to not do a "Not me Monday" this week. Stellan's story is amazing and God performed a real miracle in his life before he was even born!!! Check out the full story (and a pretty awesome blog) here.  So instead of the planned "not me Monday" post this morning I will have to come up with something else! 

I woke up this morning feeling pretty excited about they day ahead. Why? I'm not entirely sure. It could be because Rebekah slept all the way through last night for the first time in a week!! She was ill last week and we were all up several times a night. 2 nights it was every 1.5-2hrs. We were all exhausted. It was almost like having a newborn again except I couldn't just breastfeed her back to sleep and with a temperature and a bad cough she was very sad when she woke up. The night she was most unwell she decided she did however, want to breastfeed, and considering she self-weaned nearly a month ago I was somewhat surprised. What was more surprising was that once she had got comfy she fed for 20mins!!! Maybe it's because I'm pregnant that she found anything there at all but whatever the reason it did the trick and she went back to bed a happy bunny. Over the next couple of days she asked for 'Mummy's milk' once or twice but actually wasn't really very interested and now she's back to 'milk from the fridge'. Anyway, I digress... Last night not only did she sleep all the way through but she slept from 7pm-8am!!! After having a much needed 'lie-in' no wonder I felt excited when I woke up.

It could also be that after the school holidays our toddler group is back on this morning... YAY!!!! I think I didn't realise how much us Mums rely on  'toddin' til the first school holiday after Rebekah was born. We have a really good toddler group that runs out of our church and it is a lifesaver! We have had a 'baby boom' in our church over the last couple of years & I can't tell you what a blessing it is to have such a close group of 'mummy' friends who can totally relate to each other and be completely honest about where we're at not just as Mummies but in all areas... Our spiritual lives, mummy lives and marriages. I would definitely be lost without these girls & we see each other most days. With most of our families living far away the support we give each other is vital. Not to mention how nice it is for Rebekah to have so many little friends to play with (especially when she's stuck with me most of the week).
Well it's now Monday afternoon as I finish this post. Apparently watching Mummy blogging isn't very interesting to a toddler (surprise eh?) so I better finish this quickly before she wakes up! Hope you've all had a good Monday!!

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