Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sunday night feeling :( & random thoughts

It's Sunday evening & I'm working tomorrow so I've got that Sunday evening feeling. You know the one where you've had a great weekend & you know it's nearly over & work is looming. It's funny, I haven't worked on a Monday since January 2007 so I'd almost forgotten that feeling. I'm on a long day tomorrow so the thought of  a 14hr shift... Hopefully it'll fly by. To be fair it's not usually that bad. I'm back on the ward & I really enjoy it. It's busy but I like it.  I was meant to be working on the delivery unit until January but because of my blood pressure I've been moved so I'm kinda slotting into the off duty where they're short.

I've enjoyed this week. I've had a week's holiday. I know, if you're a regular reader of this blog you're probably thinking "but you've only just gone back to work!!". This weeks holiday was booked ages ago, before I was even pregnant. It's been a pretty chilled week. I've enjoyed not having to go to the hospital to see the Dr or have my blood pressure checked (they agreed to see me in a fortnight instead of weekly).  I've still had to have my BP checked but I was able to go to the Community Midwife (CMW) who is only a 5min walk away instead of 2 bus journeys there & back.

 I went shopping on Friday & bought some new maternity clothes with some vouchers I got for my birthday. I love shopping but even more when I don't have to even spend anything. I got a lovely pair of pants and a jumper. I LOVE maternity clothes! I don't know why. For a start they are super comfy plus you don't have to worry whether or not you look fat in them cos let's face it... us pregnant ladies are gonna get big.  I carry most of my weight around my tummy anyway so it's a relief to not have to worry about trying to hide or disguise my belly. Ha ha.

Friday night was our "girls night' at church. We had a lovely time. We walked around the Christmas markets in town then went for dessert.  It was nice to hang out & chat with girls who I don't always get a lot of time with & nice to hang out with my 'Mummy' friends without babies or toddlers in tow.

This week Rebekah went back into cloth nappies.  After a little break (morning sickness & poo weren't going well together) I'd got out of the habit of using them but after yet another bout of nappy rash we're using them again.  Rebekah has hardly ever had nappy rash. She didn't get in when she used to wear disposables & she didn't get it in cloth but since she's gone back into disposables she's had it a few times!! I can't work out why. Maybe it's because her bum got used to being chemical free & now it doesn't like the chemicals in the 'sposies.  I only converted to cloth this summer after reading MckMamas post on cloth diapering. I researched what she'd said further, was horrified & ordered my first cloth nappies pretty quickly. I was surprised at how much I liked them, & how relatively easy they are. Not to mention cute & totally addictive!!!!

Rebekah's off having her bath now. It's one of her favourite things.  It's her & Tom's 'daddy/daughter time' so it's special to both of them. She's always loved her bath. Even as a newborn she has always been very relaxed in the bath. I wonder if it's because I loved having a relaxing bath when I was pregnant, splashing the water onto my tummy & I'd always sing & talk to her.  I'd put on my favourite cd, sing along and talk to the daughter I was yet to meet. Tom asked me a couple of weeks ago if I talk to 'the bump' as much as I talked to Rebekah.  It's a good question. I told him I always used my bath time to spend quality time talking to Rebekah & now, if/when I have a bath (it's usually a quick shower these days) I still talk to Rebekah!! Lately she always want to get in with me so while I lie back & try to relax she sits with me & plays. So now, so 'the bump' gets quality time with me & his/her big sister. We both talk to my tummy & now, instead of Mummy singing her favourite tunes 'the bump' listens to various renditions of 'Old MacDonald, Wheels on the Bus, or My God is so Big'!!  Oh & not to mention Rebekah kissing 'baby' through my tummy every few minutes.  This baby may not get as much one-to-one time as Rebekah had but it is loved just as much by it's Mummy & Daddy has the privilege of a very loving big sister who can't wait to meet him/her!!! I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. I'll be 17wks on Tuesday!! Crazy! At this rate it'll be May before I know it!

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