Monday, 10 November 2008


I am VERY excited about this post. As I've mentioned before I've been reading MckMama's blog for a few months now & for the last couple of months I've only been able to read other peoples 'not me Monday' posts & not post my own. Last week I was gutted that she didn't do it... Ok, she had just had a baby. Anyway, after you've read my post head over to MckMama's blog where you will find a whole lot more amusing stories which are probably a lot funnier than mine but I did warn you when I started this blog that I don't lead the most exciting life.  I should probably explain 'not me Monday'. It is a list of things I have 'not' done. As MckMama says..."being brutally honest & living to tell about it". So... here goes.

Last week when Rebekah was ill we did not both spend a whole day in our pyjama's without a shower or a wash. Of course I didn't do that... It'd be lazy & gross.

I did not, on said pyjama day, realise I needed to go to the shop so throw a coat & blanket over Rebekah's pj's, put a pair of pants over mine, zip my coat right up over the top & sneak out to the shop hoping nobody would see us. Then when I got to the shop I definitely did not TOTALLY FORGET I had my pj's on & unzip my coat to get money out of my pants thus exposing my pj's to the shop!!!  I definitely did not to that because that would be beyond embarrassing. After shaming myself in front of the whole shop I did not then make a very quick exit with my coat safely zipped back up!!!

Tonight, I did not just feed Rebekah toast, with Marmite on it, & a pile of grated cheese for her dinner because that's what she wanted & I didn't have the energy to a) make anything else or b) argue with her. I did not do this because that would make me a bad mother who doesn't care about giving her child a well balanced meal, and I am not that mother!!

I also am not going to totally blame all this on the fact I'm pregnant. That would just be using my unborn child to evade responsibility & I'd never do that!

I hope you enjoyed my 1st 'not me Monday' post. I must go now & make more mistakes so you can have a little giggle at my expense next week too! Remember to go check out some other posts on MckMama's blog


Liz said...

Yay, your first 'Not Me Monday'. Brilliant! The sights your corner shop must've seen over the years...
Love you lots. X

Beth E. said...

Good job on your first "Not Me's!" The one about wearing your pj's to the store was a hoot! Oh, and I could so totally eat just cheese for supper! :o)

I have to ask...what's Marmite? I've never heard of it.

Your daughter is beautiful! Congratulations on your pregnancy.