Monday, 17 November 2008

Not me monday!!!!!

It's that time again... Not me Monday. The things that us imperfect people never do. MckMama started this on her blog so after you've read my post head over there to check out the other 'Not me Mondays' 

This weeks after being at work all day on Friday & not seeing Rebekah all day I was NOT secretly pleased when she woke up and I was NOT excited to have a warm sleepy cuddle with my baby girl. When she was wide awake I was NOT glad Tom brought her into our room so we could all have a little midnight play together before we went back to sleep. I did NOT do these things because I am NOT so selfish that I put my needs before my daughters sleep.

Oh & I was NOT even happier the next morning when she slept 'til 9am after her midnight playtime. I definitely NOT glad of the lie-in.

Earlier in the week I did NOT put a DVD on downstairs, put Rebekah in front of it just so I could go and have a shower on my own without a toddler stood at the side of the bath trying to get in & giving me a running commentary of each body part as I wash it. I did NOT do this because I would never use a DVD as a babysitter just so I could have some peace & quiet for 10mins.

I did NOT sit down last night & eat a load of ice-cream straight from the tub & tell myself it was ok because dairy is good for the baby & I need the calcium from a tub of ice-cream. That would make me a pig so I certainly did NOT do that.

If you want some free therapy of your own leave me a comment with some of the things you have NOT done this week then click on the button & the top of this post & head to MckMama's blog to read some of the things other bloggers have NOT done this week


Always Been Different said...

Woman none of us make pigs of ourselves...dont you know that's why we are not men LOL!

kay said...

I love your Not Me's!

And dairy IS good for babies! (:

slave2boys said...

I can't believe you think those things are so bad!! DVD's were invented to be babysitters!! I use them all time because its the only time my big boys will sit still!

Keyona said...

Icecream IS the best way to get that calcium right?